The Cornerstones Curriculum is right for you if:

  • You want a whole school pedagogy that fosters a love of learning.

  • You believe that children deserve a broad, balanced and rich curriculum.

  • You want a high-quality, coherent curriculum that develops children′s skills and deepens knowledge.

  • You want to make a difference and see impact.

Curriculum Pedagogy

Children deserve a broad and balanced curriculum. We believe that every childhood matters and that the innate qualities children have, including creativity, curiosity and a love of learning, should be fully nurtured. Our curriculum is based on a child-centred pedagogy we call The Four Cornerstones. It forms the basis of everything we do and can provide your school with the foundations on which to build a rich and deep, exciting curriculum.

The Cornerstones Curriculum helps children to:

  • learn about a range of interesting topics in creative ways
  • develop skills, deep knowledge and understanding in a range of subjects
  • make meaningful cross-curricular links
  • identify their interests and develop their passions
  • find out about themselves, the wider world and their place in it
  • develop their confidence, resilience, happiness and well-being.
Want to know more? Our demos are an informal chat where you or your
team can ask anything about our curriculum and how to make it your own.

The Cornerstones Curriculum includes:

  • Over 80 exciting projects from Nursery to Year 6
  • Thousands of high-quality teaching resources
  • A comprehensive skills framework
  • Integral assessment and pupil tracker linked to the curriculum
  • Ongoing support from our online team and educational consultants
  • Access to complementary and new resources

Free project – Beast Creator

Free ILP and resources for Beast Creator


Click on the icon above to download a FREE copy of our Imaginative Learning Project (ILP) ‘Beast Creator’ for Year 5 children. This free download includes a complete set of resources to help you teach the project. Beast Creator is one of over 80 exciting projects available when you purchase the complete Cornerstones Curriculum.

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Fallen Fields – anniversary edition

Free ILP and resources for Fallen Fields

Click on the icon above to download a FREE copy of our First World War project, Fallen Fields, for Upper Key Stage 2 children. This free download is a special project to mark the 100 year anniversary of the end of the war. Packed full of high-quality artefacts, original designs, lessons and resources to help you fully engage the children and teach the project. Fallen Fields is one of over 80 exciting projects available when you purchase the complete Cornerstones Curriculum.

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An informal chat with one of our team where you can ask anything
about the Cornerstones Curriculum and how to make it your own.

What do schools say?

Senior leaders love using Cornerstones because it’s creative, engaging and has real impact. Here’s what they say about the curriculum.


Jo Potts (Headteacher) – Barnburgh Primary School, Doncaster

‘We love using Cornerstones to develop our curriculum at Barnburgh. It gives the staff permission to plan exciting memorable learning experiences that engage and motivate our children to learn. Our children are developing independent, enterprising learning skills that they carry across into all other aspects of learning. Cornerstones has put the ‘fun’ back into learning at our school.’


Ian Taylor (Headteacher) – Ernesford Grange Primary School, Coventry

‘Having used the Cornerstones Curriculum and Assessment at my previous school, it was an easy decision to make it my first purchase as headteacher at my new school. This is because I have seen first-hand, the significant impact of the curriculum.’


Matthew Wood (Acting Deputy Headteacher) – Seathorne Primary School, Skegness

‘The support we have received as a school for the initial setup has been very good. Year 6 teachers have been extremely pleased with the tools offered for analysis of SATs data. Cornerstones saves so much time for teachers to focus on the children in their care!’


Claire Jones (EYFS Lead) – Acklington C of E First School, Morpeth

‘Cornerstones gives children a rich and meaningful learning experience because learning is linked to lively themes that excite little minds. The curriculum gives teachers the tools to teach cross-curricular skills really well. Because a single lesson crosses several subject areas, it frees up time, allowing for critical thinking, deeper learning, and expression. The gap analysis gives reassurance that everything is being covered so eases the fear about that knock at the door! It’s incredible.’ 

A quick, one-to-one demo will show you
how the curriculum could work in your school.

Impact in schools

The Cornerstones Curriculum works for any school, no matter what your circumstances. This is because it’s based on principles that are universally recognised as effective ways for children to learn, and is very flexible. See how these four schools have revolutionised their curriculum with Cornerstones.


Kentmere Academy, Rochdale

After receiving a ‘requires improvement’ grade in their 2013 Ofsted inspection, Kentmere headteacher, Sarah Isberg, took on Cornerstones to inject the curriculum with some much-needed structure, creativity and purpose. Thanks to the passion, vision and determination of the staff, this large urban school has re-energised, and learning is enjoyable and meaningful for children again. This is reflected in the incredible turnaround in their inspection results, moving from ‘requires improvement’ to ‘outstanding’ in every category in 2018.


Farmilo Primary School, Mansfield

Farmilo are passionate about curriculum design, and adapted the Cornerstones Curriculum to meet their children’s needs and make the most of their community. This has given senior leaders and staff creative autonomy, using the thematic approach of Cornerstones to engage and inspire children through imagination and whole-school events. Farmilo’s ‘learning, not lessons’ approach has made a significant impact in school; learning is secure and children are enthusiastic about what they know and can do.


Probus Primary School, Truro

Executive Principal, Lyn McNamara, chose the Cornerstones Curriculum in 2016 to help transform children’s progress in a school that was struggling to improve on its previous Ofsted rating of ‘requires improvement’. Lyn particularly liked the fact that literacy is at the heart of each theme, and that the curriculum has a coherent structure. The themes have enriched children’s experience whilst deepening knowledge and skills. In just 18 months, standards improved from well below to well above national average at every phase, performing in line with the top 10% of schools nationally.


Spilsby Primary Academy, Spilsby

Spilsby is a small, rural school who took on Cornerstones as it allowed them to teach thematically whilst deeply developing the children’s understanding and knowledge. Around school, stunning displays and learning journeys showcase the high quality of work being produced. Spilsby have chosen to teach a combination of Cornerstones projects over a two-year cycle, an approach that helps children make links across the curriculum in meaningful ways. The school also puts curiosity at the heart of learning, maximising on children’s own interests sparked by the exciting projects.

Want to know more? Our demos are an informal chat where you or your
team can ask anything about our curriculum and how to make it your own.

Facts and figures


There are over 2200 schools, 100,000 teachers and 600,000 children in the Cornerstones community across the UK and beyond – and it’s growing all the time.


More than 50 moving leaders in England and Wales have introduced the Cornerstones Curriculum to more than one school they have worked in.


More than 1600 primary schools in England and a further 600+
world-wide create their curriculum using Cornerstones.


Based on a school with 300 pupils, the Cornerstones Curriculum costs just £2.06 per pupil, per year.


More than 600,000 children love learning with the Cornerstones Curriculum and resources.  

See how the Cornerstones Curriculum could work
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A message from our curriculum director


The Curriculum – Magazine

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Want to know more? Our demos are an informal chat where you or your
team can ask anything about our curriculum and how to make it your own.